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                                  Guangwei Disinfectant Helps Zhuji Prevent Epidemics in Disaster-stricken Areas

                                  In June 2011, several areas in Zhejiang Province suffered from continuous heavy rains. In Zhuji City of Zhejiang Province, a rare flood occurred, which caused a river breach, flooded dozens of villages and forced villagers to move. In the face of the disaster, the epidemic prevention department of Zhuji City took urgent action to eliminate the affected areas in an all-round way. At the same time, it focused on killing Diankou Town, Jiangzao Town and other towns with serious disasters and instructed villagers to disinfect drinking water.

                                  As an important brand in the field of post-disaster epidemic prevention and elimination in China, Guangwei disinfectant once again plays an important role in Zhuji's post-disaster epidemic prevention. It is reported that by June 19, the city CDC had provided millions of Guangwei disinfectant tablets to two affected townships for drinking water and environmental disinfection, and was guiding disinfection in the Fourth People's Hospital on the spot. Jin Shaodong, a public health department, told reporters that four boxes of water purification tablets were distributed in each natural village and were reconciled by a ratio of 1 to 200.

                                  Local hospital public health doctor said, "Now mainly follow the water back where disinfection disappeared where, indoor environment disinfection once a day, indoor environment disinfection once a day, after the flood, but also organize deep burial of animal corpses to prevent infectious diseases." In order to ensure that there are no serious diseases after natural disasters, they will also carry out comprehensive propaganda of health knowledge and health knowledge. Lianchun doctors will also conduct door-to-door surveys of people's physical conditions every day to detect infectious diseases and prevent the emergence of infectious diseases after water recession.

                                  In the stricken town of Jiangzao, doctors and nurses from the city CDC and Jiangzao Health Hospital distributed disinfection supplies and post-disaster epidemic prevention materials to villagers door-to-door. Every day, 10 to 15 medical staff disinfected drinking water, made epidemic prevention propaganda, and gradually followed up external environmental disinfection.

                                  Zhuji post-disaster epidemic prevention is only the corner of Guangwei disinfectant to help the national post-disaster epidemic prevention. Since the 1990s, Guangwei disinfectant has been widely used in major disaster areas in China. In 2011 alone, thousands of tons of Guangwei disinfectant products were put into the field of post-disaster epidemic prevention, making outstanding contributions to post-disaster epidemic prevention.


                                  How to disinfect and prevent epidemic after flood

                                  Source: Zhuji Daily

                                  In order to control the occurrence of infectious diseases and ensure the health of the people in disaster areas and the smooth progress of post-disaster reconstruction, it is necessary to disinfect drinking water and external environment and control the density of mosquitoes and flies so as to reduce the chances of spreading diseases

                                  Drinking water disinfectio

                                  The simplest and most effective way to improve drinking water hygiene in disaster areas is to drink boiled water instead of raw water, followed by drinking water disinfection. Bleaching powder and bleaching tablets are the most commonly used disinfectants for drinking water in disaster areas

                                  1. For drinking water directly from rivers and lakes, it must be purified (coagulation and sedimentation) and disinfected. Each barrel of water (about 25 kg) plus a peanut-sized alum grain, stirring for 1-2 minutes, and standing for about 10 minutes to clarify the water. Then disinfect with bleaching powder, 8-16 grams per ton of water; if disinfected with bleaching tablets, add one tablet per litre of water (50 kg). The method is to grind the bleaching powder concentrate or bleaching concentrate tablet fine, mix it into paste with clear water and pour it into the water that needs disinfection, stir it fully, and put it under cover for 30 minutes before it can be used. In addition, water storage equipment such as cylinders, barrels, pots, basins and so on must be clean, and often emptied and cleaned.

                                   maintain normal operation, so that the residual chlorine in the terminal water is not less than 0.05 mg/L.

                                  3. Self-provided water sources (such as well water) that have not yet been equipped with water purification and disinfection facilities are chlorinated. For submerged wells, water is first pumped out, and contaminants such as silt, livestock corpses, plant straw branches and leaves are removed, bottom silt is cleaned out, wellbore is washed with clean water, and then well water is pumped out. After the natural seepage water reaches the normal water level, a perchlorination disinfection (the dosage of bleaching powder is 100-200 g/cubic meter) is carried out. After fully mixing the well water, the well water is immersed in a static state for 12-24 hours, then the well water is pumped out. When the well water returns to the normal water level, 40-60 g/cubic meter of bleaching powder is added to disinfect the well water for 3 hours. After 0 minutes, residual chlorine can be put into use when it reaches 0.5 mg/L. After that, disinfection was carried out according to the conventional method of well water disinfection (i.e. public wells were once or twice a day in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, household wells with less water consumption were once a day; the dosage of bleaching powder was 8-30 g/cubic meter, and the dosage of bleaching powder tablets was 2-8 pieces/cubic meter).

                                  4. Disinfection of water storage facilities. Before entering the reservoir, the staff should spray disinfectant containing 300 mg/L of available chlorine at the entrance of the reservoir. (1) Clean up the silt, wash the inner wall of the water storage facility with clean water, drain the sewage and repeat it twice. (2) Spray the inner wall of the water storage facility with disinfectant containing 300 mg/L of available chlorine, and stay for 30 minutes. Rinse with clean water and repeat twice. (3) Water storage facilities, before water supply, the residual chlorine of water quality reaches 0.3 mg/L before water supply.

                                  Disinfection of external environment and flooded article

                                  Besides the corresponding preventive disinfection of the indoor environment and daily necessities seriously polluted by feces and sewage, the general environment is mainly cleaning and sanitation. When there may be an epidemic of infectious diseases in the locality, disinfect the living things in the epidemic area and in the area of the epidemic focus.

                                  1. Ultraviolet disinfection

                                  The preferred method is exposure to sunlight (usually 6 hours). Mobile irradiation can also be carried out with portable high-efficiency ultraviolet lamp, 2-3 per place.

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